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Duc Minh La (Bob)
I'm a researcher
and a software engineer

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[WILL UPDATE THIS WEBSITE LATER] Currenly doing my Ph.D in transportation modelling in Monash University. My passion is in creating smart systems (IoT and Machine Learning) with the vision of a fully automated world.

Thanks to Deakin and Monash, I have had many opportunites to immerse myself into different technologies and different fields of the IT indutry. My learning and knowledge are a wide range of differnt things from technical such as web development, Iot system, Android development to more business-side such as requirement engineering and project management. I'm always looking for chances to bring my skillset and knowledge into practice and test, for upskilling and also for the joy of intellectually challenged.

At the moment, I am working on the "Large-scaled transportation modelling via multiple data sources", which is a combination of Machine Learning, Statistical Model and Transportation Application.

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Face dectecting website

This is a complete website on both frontend and backen that have can detect any human faces with the given image url. It also includes login and register features to have users with customized info.

The website frontend is designed with React.js, backend with RESTful APIs, PostgresSQL, and finally all got deplpoyed with Heroku.

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Robotic project with machine learning

This is a system that can control two robots at the same time, the two robots can communicate with each other, and one can detect red objects and stop. This is a prototype for an idea of smart car that stops before red light and has drone for higher vision.

The two used robot are Zumo robot using Arduino and a Drone. The system was controlled by ROS with Python on Ubuntu and the color dectection was done by machine learning with OpenCV on a Raspberry Pi 3.

See Live Source Code

Android app for education

This was my project of developing a simple app with some advanced features aimed at time scheduling for student/children by teachers/parents

The app was developed in Java which different features such as notificaiton, timer, SQLite and Firebase

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